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As mother nature continues to have her way with us (deservingly so), humans have also been challenged with the task of figuring out a way around a financial natural disaster, and recovering from such. From pandemic unemployment to paycheck protection programs, Americas true financial struggle has been uncovered. The check to check society has been discovered. Our environment has been un-mothered...we‘ll stop there, surely you get the jest.

A very large population of consumers have lived check to check in America for years, right on the borderline of personal financial destruction, and a for some, a month or two away from financial collective chaos. The oh so great economy was not a reality to most classes, mainly the middle; yet they remained quite prevalent in the consumer spending bracket of the gdp.

A population moseying along in financial ruin, constantly buying, ignoring the steady increased pricing of essential and everyday products, while their salaries remained the same. Brushing the lack of ability to save cash for emergencies to the side. Then came COVID-19.....

A perfect recipe for economic disaster, and financial ruin, not for all, but a large percentage of the population. Many jobs were lost, and many people will be looking for work as we start to recover; but where will they find the jobs? Many support their American Dreams and families as an employee of small businesses in local communities. Will these businesses truly be able to recover, is the funding really going to small and local businesses that need it?

Micro businesses and independent contractors included. Well let’s find out.

We‘re asking all small business and independent contractors to take our survey to shed light on their experiences of receiving funds, or lack there of thus far.

Please share our survey link with any small business you know that pays employees or contractors in your local community.

Stay tuned! We will keep you posted.

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