Herd Immunity, Vaccines, and COVID-19.

As we enter the more challenging phases of containing or stopping COVID-19, all options are on the table for some. The U.K. in particular was considering Herd Immunity as a possible weapon of COVID destruction, though they are now slowing down on the idea of this approach.

What is the Herd Immunity?

According to the College of Physicians in Philadelphia, herd immunity Is the ”Indirect protection against disease that results from a sufficient number of individuals in a community having immunity to that disease. With enough immune individuals, the transmission of a disease can be reduced, thus limiting the potential for any one individual to be exposed to it. Herd immunity does not apply to diseases, such as tetanus, that are not spread via person-to-person contact”.

Did you get all that? So basically, if enough of a population is immune to something, it leaves the exposure to others within that same population less vulnerable to getting it.

COVID-19 is a major concern, not only because of the way it is transmitted, but because its increased risk of fatality in a weak immune system. According to historical claim, vaccines have played an integral role in reducing and in some cases eliminating these fast spreading diseases using this theory; example, polio.

According to the World Health Organization, a large part of the world's population is functioning with a weak a immune system from what we unfortunately know as fairly common human functioning conditions at this point; diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism, you name it, they all check off as legitimate reasons to be concerned. Check out the World Health Organizations Fact Sheet. Simply reading the increased population diseases that compromise the immune system will give you the chills.

So, what do you think? What are your thoughts about riding the Herd Immunity train to possibly control, reduce or eliminate COVID-19.

According to the Wall Street Journal, we’ve got studies paying participants around 4,000 a pop to take this risk. Is that enough for you?

We want to hear your thoughts about using the Herd Immunity approach to rid of COVID-19. Click here to share.

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