At Addy & Mark we are always developing new programs to better understand our fellow humans, while giving back in the process. 
Our public health team is always adding a variety of free programs led by staff, interns and volunteers to add value to our
communities.  Though COVID has truly affected us all, we are doing our best to continue providing these programs as we 
work towards recovery and restructuring for a better people and a better way of living.   See our current active programs below.   
Tech Savvy Seniors
The Tech Savvy Seniors program was developed to assist seniors as they try to navigate through the pandemic
and learn to communicate in a completely different environment via phones, apps, and a variety of meeting platforms..  We put together
a small team of volunteers to virtually train seniors on platforms frequently used for communication, so that they
don't feel alone, and overwhelmed by the changes that they are forced to make at a faster pace, due to the limitations presented in this pandemic.  Our goal is to offer these courses in person when all is safe, as well.  As we are a research and idea development company, we are still improving and making changes to our Tech Savvy Seniors program.  Though we are excited about any new program developed in our lab coming to fruition; we are very optimistic about this effort, and look forward to seeing its growth.  
For more information on this program, or to enroll your loved one, please chat with us, or drop us a line below :).
Blessings, Courage, and Love to everyone during these trying times.  

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